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Written On 24th February 2020

Hello Nudgers,

What a great FUN and insanely pacey week our first February half term was! 

The arcade was buzzing and it was so nice to see our token shop get smashed with token purchases and the classic machines put through their motions by so many people.

This February is a stark contrast to last February 2019 when we was getting ready to open in March. It was hard going back then, mentally, emotionally and physically, so to see the arcade 'electrified' with so many people brought real happiness that people are getting good enjoyment from the old place.

So this week will see the other Rock and Roll pusher and the horses leave the arcade. The Royal Ascot horse racing machine is being refurbished and should be ready for Summer but we need to spend time with it. The 2000 Guineas will be leaving for a much needed service and the machine WILL be back at some point. 

Clena Flex will be joining the arcade in the next 1-2 weeks, this is the GIANT double SKILL crane where you often flick the GIANT bar of chocolate off the shelf to win the prize itself. 

Our machines we have had custom made for the arcade will be with us by the end of March, in time for Easter. These games are frantic games of skill and with real innovation and will continue with the unique concepts we have already brought to the arcade. 

As I sit here at the Change booth with the Old Whittakers Roulette spinning away, I look around with excitement for what lies ahead and what will be in-store for you all very soon. This week we will have a fruit machine change, this will be our biggest change yet and will ensure it keeps the arcade fresh. To be fair to the machines here right now, none of them 'deserve' to go but there are too many classics that have not been given a run out. The great thing is that we have around 6-800 machines now located in West Sussex ready for launch into our Bognor Regis arcade so what goes will come back again one day.

The 'push the red button' theme got mistaken as a shrine to others last week, but the plans we have for the 'red button' may not be anything to do with fruit machines or indeed actual arcade. A red button is often referred to as a 'Go' or 'Stop' button, or an 'On' or 'Off' action, would we really make this that easy. 

The time for the big press is coming, and when we do this there really is no turning back. This is a game changer and something very intriguing, it will certainly be something to see.

Over the last year myself and the family have settled down quite well in Bognor. After living in a seaside before I was unsure if I was 'ready' to experience the seaside winters again, they always seemed so gloomy where I lived before. I must say that living in Bognor Regis has been great and I am starting to see it as 'Home' rather than somewhere I am working. Ruby has settled well into school and the people here are very nice. The winter has been BUSY and most importantly it has been nice to be able to spend more time with the wonderful people that have come into the arcade (that's YOU reading this).

Thank you all for your support over the many years and the last year especially, this crazy arcade world is very consuming for us and we do our best to give you all a good time, I hope that we deliver that for you all.

Until next week,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby and Scarlett xxxx