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Written On 3rd December 2019

Hello Nudgers,

What a week that was! P-p-p-p-p-p-p party fruits! 

The four party extravaganza kicked off on 28th November 2019 in Tonbridge at 10am. It wasn't the easiest of beginnings for such an important event. At around 1.30am that morning Phil (the northern one) told us that he wasn't coming in to work one of the shifts. This was quite a deflating moment and also not ideal as we was all heading for our beds! The only option presented was that Kev worked in Maidstone and I did the party alone, this is what we opted for - initially - but it felt wrong to do this. So with much sadness we had to close the Maidstone Reel Fruits for the day, allowing Kev and I to present the amazing kick off to our ten year party. Kev was extremely gutted about the whole thing, as was the rest of the team so we had to ensure he didn't miss out on the party of the arcade he runs day in, day out. We apologise for anyone that went to Maidstone on Thursday.

Tonbridge was a great day and we had a super turn out for a Thursday and was in full swing from around 11am until 4pm with a good finish. We had such a laugh Kev and I with our 'Pathway to Riches' promotion. The idea was you started one side winning a good amount of money with the opportunity to win BIG MONEY for the Jackpot Game. The record win for this game was £216.30 and this game delighted many on the day! Most struggled to walk out of the arcade with the mountain of pizza that we ordered from Dominoes!

Friday hit and it was time for the Chatham party! This one was run by myself and Jade and showcased the 'Strike it Lucky' promotion game that used to reside in Reel Fruits for a number of years. This was the 'crazy' party which with Jade is understandable ha ha. The party stayed pretty busy all day wth lots going on and amazing fun to be had. The bonus also was that we had DJ Line Up Chris who arrived late afternoon to pump out some tunes for us as our guest DJ! Chatham, ended up being the star of the show for Kent. For a Friday it was very busy and also the atmosphere was electric. Helen bought us a birthday cake which was delicious and this went down well after a insane amount of KFC was brought in to feed everyone!

Reel Fruits in Maidstone was the Saturday event which starred DJ Line Up Chris (aka Chris217 on youtube) who was banging out the tunes all day! Maidstone was bubbling away for most of the day and was run by myself and DJ Chris as my extra hands. We made the big casino wheel into a CASH WHEEL where the player could win big money every 40 mins or so. The day was a fantastic vibe and it was a fun day with a very quick finish up, which does buck the trend of previous years. I would say the party was more condensed than previous years!

Sunday was the Grande Finale and the chosen option for many, this was the Bognor party. This one kicked off with Amelia and I getting through a few last min issues but we opened on time and begun the party to end all party's! We had Plinko Pots out and about for the first time in a few years where you could drop the ball to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze pot! It was a great day that lasted until about 11.30 pm and was great fun. Again we bought pizza and the Whittaker's Roulette was literally covered in boxes of Pizza and Chips from the Peri Peri next door!

So the brand is now a decade old, something we never thought we would achieve and be able to present to you all. The journey has been long and hard, and no doubt there will be more up's and down's along the way but that's the life of the crazy arcade world that we have created. 

This years Christmas Message will be quite an eye opener and full of depth and content that you have all become used to. It will also be very honest and a true insight to the year of 2019 and the mayhem it has been. It also will show you the strength and passion from those that care and the journey that lies ahead with plans going forward.

The rumour mill has been going at pace, did you know we are opening up arcades in Southend, Margate and up North? Some are expecting an announcement and there has been one promised, lets all look forward to the Christmas Message.

This year and the 10 years before us has taught us something that is essential to keeping the house of cards standing. Always look after those that care and ensure you remain vigilant to those who do not. This is a year of great development and creating foundations like never before. Going forward its time to build on foundations and take things to another level. This journey that lies ahead will be a journey that YOU reading this now will be joining us on. 

All visitors on our party day's received an engraved Pint glass celebrating Mr P's Classic Amusements and Reel fruits.

And Finally,

We have some amazing news, bigger than life itself. For many moons we have been lucky enough to have a full of life, bubbly character called 'Dave' visit our arcades. He is a lovely chap who is smart, passionate and loves machines. Him being a fool happened to mention that he would join us if there was an oppurtunity, this we never knew, and never imagined. So faster than a bird of prey we swooped on this and offered Dave (aka Shocky) to come onboard. This we are delighted about and he will be a fabulous addtion to our team of fruit and nuts. We thank him for taking the leap of faith and with his incredible personality we already 'know' he is going to be with us for keeps. Thank you Shocky! You may see him pop up randomly in Tonbridge and Chatham and maybe maidstone in the interim of his notice period. Cannot wait until your fully onboard, WELCOME SHOCKY!

See you soon and thank you to ALL that attended and to the many messages from those who couldn't. 

Long may our classic journey with you all continue, 

With love and thanks,

The Team xxxx