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Written On 9th July 2019

Hello Nudgers,

Well what a fantastic launch party we held on June 29th 2019! We had an absolute blast with you all!

The place was buzzing and the BBQ was running for 8 hours providing around 400 burgers and sausages for our great customers of the arcade, and they ALL were eaten and enjoyed!

We ran the golden ticket promotion which (despite claims of tickets not being obtainable or money for tickets) was a great treat for all that applied. All the tickets were claimed and with just a handful not being at the pick up points meant a great atmosphere on the coach. 

Already there is demand for us to do it again, perhaps we will do just that as well! Jolly Boys outing every year is a bit of fun and a nice bit of fun for ANYONE who wishes to come. 

We launched a few newbies for the big day, some absolute belters such Showtime Spectacular, Treasure Island Gifts, Trivial Pursuit, Tuppeny Nudger, Viva Espana and Andy's Great Escape. 

We was a little delayed on some of the promotional activities due to the overwhelming busyness of the arcade, however we got on track and by the feedback from all visitors we delivered a powerful great day.

Not long now and the Summer is upon us, for Bognor this will be our warm up Summer. We have some AMAZING, never seen before games being launched at the arcade in a few weeks but these are currently on their way, some games we have been involved in designing and presenting to the masses. Naturally we continue with our no ticket ethos. 

Tonbridge has got some new additions with VEGAS NIGHTS from Astra being a dominant force on £25 Jackpot. This machine is something quite amazing and one of the BEST three players ever made, only ONE of our four arcades doesn't have this machine.

Chatham has some mouth watering changes lined up for it, some machines that are just incredible and not seen for some time. Chatham has been a very busy arcade of late and we are going to step it up another level with some superb additions.

There WILL be Summer Party's announced for Tonbridge and Chatham this year and we look to announce these VERY SOON!

This is only a mini waffle to thank all of you who have supported us over the years, it has been a mad roller coaster ride for us and probably you! 

This year we will be a DECADE old, so in true Mr P's style we will present to you Mr P's 10 year FOUR DAY party extravaganza which will consist of FOUR consecutive party days starting 28th November 2019 10am at Tonbridge, Friday 29th November 2019 10 am at Chatham, Saturday 30th November at Reel Fruits Maidstone and then onto Bognor for the FINALE on Sunday 1st December. This will be a MAD adventure and if we make the next 10 years after this will not be seen until 2029!

We are mad, we know, but that's also what we love about you!

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett x