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Written On 13th January 2020

Hello Nudgers,

Like a bouncing ball I have been Bognor, Tonbridge and Maidstone pushing crazy hours but loving every second.

As we get older its refreshing and somewhat uplifting when you can smash out a crazy workload and still survive. Every shift in Bognor has been 10/11pm finishes for me this week and Tonbirdge was a whopping 3am finish on Friday (technically Saturday morning). The following day was like a party day in Maidstone, and although I was very poorly setup for what the day entailed it was manic, but in a good way and I was riding on the Adrenalin of it all.

Old bones are not what any of us wish for but they come to us all, and so long as we keep them moving they (and us) keep going. 

This evening (Sunday) I have just launched the old QPS classic 'Jailbreak' for the Reel Fruits side of Bognor Regis. Lined up we also have some very nice surprises for you all, including a nice £4.80 classic.

Tonbridge has had a good response for the newbies that entered there on the 27th December 2019, with a nice change lined up within the next two weeks, this will include hi techs and lo techs.

Chatham will be receiving some gems over the next two weeks with a mini shuffle there. 

The changes for Tonbridge should be in time for the THREE YEAR party on Saturday 25th January 10am - LATE. We aim for a couple of £15/£25 games with a twist. One of most successful hi tech games to date is Demolition Derby by Bell Fruit Games. 

Outside of the arcades our little Ruby turned 5 years old, this is crazy how fast that has gone. We had a nice family evening with her but no party sadly this year, we are still getting to know the area we live in and what is around! 

There will be some maintenance to some machines over January and February, and all machines will be serviced at some point. Don't panic though, some games only take 20/30 mins and all machines are looked after one at a time. Currently the two pinball's are OFF being stripped, cleaned (including play-fields) and re-rubbered etc. Once the two tables are all good to be enjoyed we MAY remove the Gameshow table to make way for another, just to keep it fresh. 

This coming week is the EAG exhibition in London, we will be intrigued to see what is being brought to the market and if there is any innovation. We will be keen to see the plush to ensure our cranes and cabinets have the most amazing dazzling goodies for you all.

Over the next 2-3 months we will be finalising our air conditioning throughout the remainder of the arcade. This is essential for the people and the machines! Last year got a little heated, this will not be repeated!

I apologise for this waffle being exceedingly dull, but with tired eyes and almost head through screen syndrome, my bed is pining for me as I do it. 

Until next week,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby and Scarlett xxxx