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Written On 15th September 2019

Hello Nudgers,

Sorry for no entry last week, things have been mad busy and a little hectic behind the scenes. Things have been here, there and everywhere and lots of quick thinking as we begin to lay foundations for some great adventures in the near future. 

Our container plans have suffered a major setback, with the haulage company refusing to attempt delivery on our grounds. This is a major blow, but we have worked quickly to resolve this with the need for an additional unit being the answer for our massive portfolio of classic machines (around 2000).

The summer season in Bognor was amazing, and we enjoyed it immensely. We was busy throughout and our concept of classic retro amusements has been well received by holiday makers and the wonderful local residents. Things have not really slowed up yet, so we are still full steam ahead busy too!

This week we will see delivery of our classic games that we have created with a unique twist. These games are ALL family orientated and will compliment the classic games we already have brought into the mix.

Some other classic fruits such as Money Spinner have landed this week, with MANY more to follow for our up and coming TEN YEAR party extravaganza, see the NEW '10 Year Party' page. 

Recently we introduced a BIG VALUE prize in our token shop. Save 2,500 tokens and you will receive a £500 Argos Voucher! Not only is this FACE value to the tokens won from our fruit machines and family games but is a terrific award for savers. Congratulations to our first claimant James who landed one this week!

We have some insane plans ahead of us, and this year has not only been a transitional one but a very hard one for the entire team. We have moved from Kent leaving the great members of our team to take the arcades under their wings and work with us more remotely, whilst we have been building up Bognor.

The team have been fantastic and above all loyal, something that has been vital to our survival of such a big task with Bognor, We have found that we have gelled extremely well and had each others back on all aspects of things, even in personal aspects of life. We are family, and we will remain stronger and stronger together.

It is with sadness that Sam has decided to leave the dizzy heights of the arcade buzz and vibrancy to work at our old doctors as a receptionist. We thank Sam for her hard work and wish her well on her change of workplace. Sam has not been herself for sometime, and shortly after her wedding she handed in her notice. It wasn't a shock but it is sad all the same for us, and we hope that her life is enriched by leaving. We hope that Justin remains with us, but it hopefully will be down to Justin to make that decision. Sam we thank you for your time with us and we will miss you.

For those who remain with us, this is only the beginning of great things to come, which for YOU guys reading this means more and more fruity and amusement action in the pipeline. 

We all will be doing extra days now to cover the shifts and I myself will be 7 days a week to cover Sam's departure, spreading myself between Bognor/Tonbridge/Maidstone and Chatham. It will mean work (vital) in the units and behind the scenes will now be done before and after working in the arcades, for now anyway.

We have all fought extremely hard for continuing to present the VERY BEST amusement experience to the masses, and it is this fight, grit and loyalty with determination that gives us the drive to develop and explore wonderful things.

We may not generate the margins of other arcades due to our high percentages and fairness, but we look after our people whether its our team or our players. Thank you all for your continued support.

Next week will be published ON TIME - that's a promise lol and also will showcase some great new additions to ALL of the arcades!

Be Lucky,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett x