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Written On 12th March 2019

Hello Nudgers,

Well it has been pedal to the metal of late, no stopping and no let up at all, just an echo of the last 6 months with a little more fire in the belly but perhaps less wind in the sails.

Without dwelling on things for more than a paragraph we have felt terrible for all of the disappointment from last weeks delayed opening of our new flagship Bognor Regis arcade. However it is clear to us that despite the technical issues and problems we encountered shortly before launch, we did the right thing. 

The minor setback has allowed heavyweight machines such as Big Break, Top Slot and Party Fruits to join the arcade offering. Also Spotted Dick and How Big is your rock are rightfully showcased. We are continuing to work around the clock and we do now know that opening day is close, but we will literally 'just open the doors' and then announce to you all that we are running. This is a mark of respect to all those who made long journeys on 2nd March. 

There have been so many kind messages and calls of support from so many of you, that has kept us beating the drum and helped distinguish those people that reside with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but anybody that has a notion of just how difficult it is to keep old machines and memories alive for us all will respect that it was no easy decision to delay opening, and to do so would only be in the interest of our players.

As I write this weekly waffle from the top of our sit down cocktail cabinet that houses Pac-man and Mr Do I look around at what we have built here, and yes it is meaty and very special. There is no doubt, during difficult times such as now that seeing something of this mass and content is well worth the wait. 

There is always an allure of the seaside, especially for us 'agening kids' who are still nippers at heart but when it comes to 'adult life' we pretend to match our shells with making 'adult decisions', I know that like Peter Pan I will never 'grow up' and nor would i wish to. Years back playing machines with the big 10p and a pocket full of tokens pulling my shorts down to the ankles I think back with a big smile. It is this smile we want to put back on the faces of all those who visit our arcade, and indeed Bognor Regis. 

Our second pinball table Casino Hi Roller is currently under restoration, and it is getting close to being ready now. This table will join our already running 1990 Bally Gameshow (also restored) and at 3 games for £1 is great value for all to enjoy. 

The kids rides we have stood firm and ensured that they remain at FIVE rides for £1. Almost all have said that we will make 'no money' but we do not care, we are here to present and offer value for money and a step back in time, so five rides for a £1 they stay. 

Its been a LONG and tough ride this one, to give the most amazing seaside arcade to YOU GUYS & GIRLS has been one of the hardest things we have ever done. We are so 'OCD' where we check all the games, the percentages and even grab strengths to ensure that the games are fairest to you. We have even seeded the beds on the 2p games to ensure that everyone gets a fair push, lowering ramps and removing bolts that where there in previous operations.

Years ago I went into a Whitbread Pub to play an old £10 BFM called Power Crazy, and the sign outside said: "We do not sell fast food, we sell good food as fas as we can", that wonderful line has stuck with me some 20 years later. Some people say the best is worth waiting for, we hope that you will agree and we thank you loyal people for standing by us. We offered FULL refunds to everyone who had traveled down, and only ONE person has claimed, so we thank you all for showing how incredible you really are. You should all be proud of yourselves and even after a negative review from Youtube newbie 7 neighbours we will all stand together and fight on, and on, and on. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Look out for immediate facebook posts when open and a 'Special Announcement' page on the website for the magic words (taken from Maygay's Homers Meltdown); Doors open boys!

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett x