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Written On 4th Septemeber 2018

Hello Nudgers 

What a SUPER first ever summer party we had at our Chatham Mr P's Classic Amusements! 

Doors opened at 10.05am and by 10.30am we was filling up and the place was already buzzing! 

The arcade had new classic machines launched in the name of James Bond 007 Maygay, 777 Heaven by Project, Super X by MAB, Lucky Strike by Barcrest, Ramesis Riches by Crystal, Take your pick by Barcrest and Jackpot King from Project games. All games were put through their paces and have been given the thumbs up from you fine people!

Our new addition Party Games, a great classic 4 player with plasma screen, dominated the arcade captivating everyone's attention. This machine only came into us two weeks ago and has already built a massive fanbase. 

So throughout the party what did we get up-to? Well aside from the DOUBLED freeplays for everybody and the half hourly raffle giveaway we ramped up the excitement with Plinko pots and Hot Dice!

Plinko Pots was a crazy pot game where we gave you five balls to collect just 3 pots for up-to £50 on our crazy Plinko board. 

Hot Dice was awarded at random to EVERY player and we walked round with wads of banknotes to give them to every player who rolled a 5 or a 6 depending on which hot dice round it was.

The Barbecue was flowing from around noon until 5pm, there was lots of food enjoyed and it was washed down by doughnuts and chocolates.

Also the original Monkey Business has joined the fleet in our Chatham arcade, this is the one that delivers FULL SCREENS of lions for £500! 

Tonbridge has had a micro machine change with Crazy Fruits the £15 hi tech version and Brainwaves and Big Game under restoration. There will be a mini change this week as we are a machine down in the lo tech format. 

Bognor is having lots of new machines worked on behind the scenes and some of them are very special indeed. We even have machines at our house being lovingly restored to their former glory. 

We are looking at early 2019 for the Grand Opening of Bognor Regis but we may open before, its all dependent on how smoothly the works are carried out.

We will be adding updates to our new Bognor Regis Arcade page in due course but for now at least we are at the early stages of refurbishment. The new arcade will be amazing and we have some REAL classic machines to present to the masses.

Until next week..

Be lucky,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett x