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Written On 22nd March 2020

Hello Nudgers,

So we are now closed in ALL locations until further notice. I feel it will be at least a month until we may reopen, possibly two months. 

We have no issue whatsoever that we need to close our doors to the public, this is something that is both sensible and vital to the well being of others and indeed yourself. 

The COVID-19 is a virus that we know very little about and we are collectively on a global stage realising the depths of just how bad this virus really is. 

This is why we must all do our bit and help where we can, this can instantly be done by staying in our own areas of home and keeping any trips outside to a very minimum, if at all. 

Today I took the decision to walk to the unit to work on some machines, I did this with my family in the knowledge that I was going to be isolated there with them and we have things to be done for our work. This was a decision I would not have decided on if there was at all any chance of contact with anyone else, not for myself but for others. 

Currently I do not know anybody who has the COVID-19 but this will change if people still go ahead with big group meetings and public decide to go to spaces in waves of many people. This is not common sense, and if you have thought 'lets go there it will be quiet' then frankly somebody else will be on their way there too. 

If your business is closed, go there do the work you need to this is a good opportunity to do so, but do it alone or with the people you are isolating with. This way there can be no confusion and no risk to others. 

I have had people calling me saying you will be fine because the government are paying the wages and you can get this, that and the other. I will say that the government promises are very good and although we will struggle still it may well help us through. However I will need to have a difficult chat with my team if we cannot make up the remaining 20% because they have their own bills and we do not wish to see them suffer because of this. 

Talking of bills, the banks could do with being frozen because we simply cannot satisfy our bills with things leaving our accounts and no income. This is not something that we are able to do anything about. We have units and the four arcades, that is 7 commercial properties not to mention the storage facility in Kent. The issue is that in 2019, we were well behind on bills due to the enormous pressure that launching Bognor caused, and now (pre COVID-19) we was in touching distance of coming through the other side. As a fragile group we was just coming through, but now we are in a zillion pieces, with a massive task ahead.

I have spoken with many friends in various business and they are extremely concerned with very bleak short term outlooks. Some even have decided to fold and others likely to in the very near future.

Okay, we can be assured loans with the government guranteeing the loans but what a terrible scenario to come back to work with a mountain of debt to clear. 

The government have been extremely noble and ambitious with their plans and we hope that the unity of society connects and listens to what we are told. We must all work together on this one, in the years of the war it was solidarity that got us through, and this is a war.

Although what we face is very gloomy its irrelevant really, all that matters is the people and its 'People over Pounds' that will triumph. We must all stand tall and beat this together, we stand together we fall together. 

Please keep safe and we are missing you all so much so please drop us a message so we can say hello, keep safe and be lucky.

Dave, Amelia, Ruby and Scarlett xxxx