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Written On 30th June 2020

Hello Nudgers,

So here we are, the beginning of a new dawn, a final flicker of light at the end (of what's been) a very dark tunnel. 

The 4th of July will see England open up the majority of its leisure sector. We are happy to be swinging our doors open and delivering the greatest amusements to you all. 

Its been a long time since we have seen you all, too long. The kindness so many of you have shown and contact you have made is unforgettable. 

Behind the scenes we have been flat out. When the lockdown began on Friday 20th March we kicked into action on working on machines, refurbishing and restoring games. We have not sat on our hands, we have worked hard and done all we can to save the arcades that we gave birth to over a decade ago.

We have given our all, everything to bringing the best games, best percentages and clear cut honest amusements to everyone. Its not come about without many sacrifices, many hard times and a continuous uphill battle when working with old technology, that is getting to the end of its life. 

We don't just 'run' the arcades, we research and develop, we repair, we create, we sell and supply and we deliver. Its something that has become bigger and greater than we can imagine but its been hard to achieve and as years rumble by the challenge will intensify, but we are match fit for the future. The big red button will re-appear and when we press it the greatest show on earth will dazzle and amaze to a level of unimaginable heights, but not this year, not now.

Every single business out there, in particular the high street and pubs and leisure sector will need the power and might of the British people to be able to survive. Many (too many) take the shops we have for granted, so use them or lose them. 

We have always said that most, even the biggest businesses are only 6 weeks away from financial turmoil, and this pandemic has proved this.

My message to you all this week is clear, and holds more importance than ever; be vigilant. The virus still exists, show care and compassion and protect others. Even if you believe you wear an invincible cloak there are others who are vulnerable. 

We hope that you all have coped with this mentally, we will all look back on this time with mixed feeling and, in some cases, regret. We was ready for our company to go down and our dreams and hard work smashed into a million pieces. We accepted this because LIFE is more important than anything, and if we did lose it all to COVID-19 then it would be out of our control.

We are happy with our efforts to ensure that we kept our team in 100% wages, this we are proud of, like we are porud of them. A good team needs great people, and different people, each bringing something else into the mix. The government gave us all 80% wages, so why should we not top those up to 100% when if the government gave us nothing we would surely not just discard our team? Would employers give their employee's nothing or try to cobble a few hundred here and there to keep the heads above water. Bigger the company, the less chance of the 100% to the team, so we say hats off to the many (most small like us) companies that pushed hard, took risks and was selfless in paying their team the 100% for the 100% they give to their work.

When we get those doors back open we will be delighted to see each and every one of you. This is about our time, our lives and more importantly our enjoyment and safety. 

If your concerned about your safety in the arcade then compare our structured protocol to that of a supermarket. The Supermarket has lots of items that are being handled by multiple people and returned to the shelves. The supermarket is NOT enforcing sanitiser to be used on entry, nor is the items touched being cleaned after use. Our procedures strike the balance of safety and enjoyment and ensures we kill the virus, not the fun.

Please take a moment to look at our COVID-19 instructions that we must all adhere to. We must all look out for others whilst they are looking out for you.

Kill the Virus, DON'T Kill the Fun

For permitted entry into any of our arcades you must adhere to the following rules, these are enforced for the safety of all.

1. On Entry Sanitise 
2. Maintain distance  (one meter at the minimum)
3. Space - Player - Space (DO NOT PLAY NEXT TO ANOTHER PLAYER)
4. Clean Machines (We clean, you be clean)

Failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave.

Tonbridge - 10
Chatham - 16

Bognor (Mr P's AGC) - 8
Bognor (Reel Fruits Family) - 30
Bognor (Reel Fruits Over 18's) - 12

KILL the virus, Don't Kill the Fun

Dave, Amelia, Ruby and Scarlett xxxx