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Written On 19th May 2019

Hello Nudgers,

Its been a crazy crazy time since we last wrote our weekly waffle. There has been lots of behinds the scenes activity and some stonking machines lined up for all arcades.

Jade is still off sick from Chatham, leaving our Kent arcades short staffed. With us not knowing if she is going to return to work we have had to temporarily close the Kent arcades on Sundays. We thank our loyal team, Kev, Sam and Justin for battling through and keeping the Kent arcades covered in this time of Jade's absence. They have showed real grit and determination and we thank them for that. 

Bognor has seen an original Dancing Stage join the arcade with some other great additions ready and waiting. Soon to join are Line Up, The Gambler, Cash Gordon, Trivial Pursuit, Viva Espana, Andy's Great Escape and many more.

Back in March when our opening day was delayed we had setup a wonderful day including coach and great games. You know us, we have decided to give Bognor and OFFICIAL launch day of June 29th. This DOES mean that we will be re-running the coach, with a FULL action packed day for all to enjoy! This will also be our SUMMER party day, with ALL details to be published VERY soon. This is a day that will be even BETTER than our initial day would of been and gives all of our loyal players an opportunity to have a fantastic day out on us. We will celebrate Bognor annual party's on or around this date going forward, this ensures that it will not clash with Chatham's annual birthday bash mid March. 

So the Golden Ticket page will now re-open, fill your boots guys. I will be there to meet you this time and Join the crazy bus down! All the team will be there, as in TRUE Mr P's style the Kent arcades will close that day to give our LOYAL team a fun day with us! 

Our Skill Cut has delivered another big bear to a couple today, the machine is a frantic fun game of player skill and when the bear is won it opens up! We name our bears for a bit of fun, so well done to the young couple who won Boris. Our new cream coloured bear we have named Claire. Come and try your luck winning this HUGE bear that is as big as you and me!

The arcades have all been quite busy, its been a mad week in Bognor and we are stepping up the offering crank by crank to deliver the most incredible machines you will ever see.

We was in one of our big warehouses full of machines last week, and found ourselves looking at some of the vast masses of machines and rarity's. We still need assistance with one machine in particular, and after all this time we have not given in. Our Red Hot Ibiza fruit machine manufactured by Bell Fruit. Our machine has missing sound proms, and we will give anyone who has the sound files £100 cash just for the file image, or the proms to copy and return. Has anyone in the UK got this machine, or could they have it on an old PC or in a box of parts? This machine was a nice little game, and we want to present this iconic classic back to the world by running her in one of the four arcades. Cash awaits!

We have a colossal machine move coming up soon when we move a few hundred machines in the next few weeks, where? What is happening now...? We will see.

There are some BIG plans ahead, and some very big announcements in the pipeline but for now, we will leave you to finish your bath, your toilet, or dinner and we will be back next week with more waffle, more news and some more things to look froward to!

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and love for the old reels and machines, YOU are the pulse of the arcades, this is why you need to board that coach on June 29th 2019.

Happy Nudging,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett x