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Written On 13th January 2019

Hello Nudgers 

Its good to be back here writing the weekly waffles again, and this is the FIRST of 2019! 

So as Mr P's Classic Amusements is about to embark on a seaside adventure we have been working around the clock (even through the festive season) to deliver Bognor Regis on time. 

Our Bognor Regis arcade will be opening on Saturday 2nd March 2019 at 11am. There will be a coach taking all that wish to join us all for the journey down the coast! 

Golden Tickets are still available but they ARE going fast, if you would like to board the coach then apply on the GOLDEN TICKET tab! You do not have to return on the coach if your staying down there or you want to return at a different time, but the coach ride will be fun all the way and that is a promise!

To mark the special occasion our Tonbridge, Chatham and even sister Maidstone arcade will be closed for the day! Something as epic as this is for the people and our wonderful team need to be there to enjoy it with you all.

This year Tonbridge Mr P's Classic Amusements will be THREE years old! Its quite remarkable how fast that has whizzed by! Our three year birthday party for the arcade will be held on Saturday 26th January 2019 and will run 10am until LATE! There will be lots of fun and games and enhancements for all our players on the day!

So as we start a new year we traditionally announce the machines of the year. The winners for 2018 are as follows:
Tonbridge Machine of the year - Astra Big Money Game 25p £15, this little £15 Jackpot game captivates everyone and almost everybody that plays it LOVES it.
Chatham Machine of the year - Barcrest Weird Wolf 25p £25, this failed test machine from Barcrest gets played day in day out!

So recently we have had a machine shuffle in Chatham and Tonbridge. Chatham has recieved Project Coin brilliance in the name of Swop it and Casino Jackpot 7s. Tonbridge has recieved Wipeout (£15 Jackpot), Beaver Uncovered, Colour of Money, Utter Nutter, Pink Panther and The Dark Side.

Bognor Carpet has arrived from USA, and will be fitted at the end of the month. This will give us all of February to finalise all of the of the ageing fleet that will be in store for you all! It is going to be some beast of an arcade, and already the local Crazy Golf opposite has dubbed it as 'the critical mass' that Bognor needs!

The last thing to finalise and we are in the process right now is the sign, this is not as easy as we first though as we have been in two minds whether to use our normal guy or to run with somebody who can give us a great sign local to Bognor. Its a tough one and we will be hitting the phones tomorrow to try and get someone in place. 

Mr P's Classic Amusements gave away in freeplays ALONE a whopping £12,140 during the month of December. This was our way to thank all of our players for their custom throughout 2018. This doesn't even include the whopping money we give away each and every week! 

So 2019 looks set to be a mega mad year, but it will be a fantastic year for amusements, arcade heritage and more importantly you guys being able to enjoy those long lost memories!

We would like to thank you all for your fantastic support throughout 2018 and we look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

Perhaps we will see many of you at the Mr P's Classic Amusements 3 year party in Tonbridge on Saturday 26th 10am until LATE!

All the best wishes for 2019 my fruity loops,

Be lucky,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett x