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Written On 19th May 2020

Hello Nudgers,

So the country is beginning to loosen up and the restrictions beginning to ease. Its a crazy old time hey, but at least there is some possible ending in sight, we hope. 

The only outcome we can hope for is a reduced number of fatalities, a kinder and fairer society and some benefit, if that is possible to come from it. From what I have witnessed 'out there' already is quite frankly the return of 'every man for themselves' attitude we are, sadly, are accustom to. 

This pandemic has been a chance for people to shine, and also for us to see what hides behind the mask for some (sorry Donald Trump lol). For us personally we have been sad, stressed and hopeful all at the same time, often with the same old faces that have been there to keep us upbeat. We are pleased that so many of you guys that read this have been so supportive also, and we hope that our crazy going on's can be some sort of tonic for these troubling times.

Already we know of some sad closures of clubs, pubs and other venues that sadly cannot survive this. It is very worrying the effect this virus will leave stained on the mind for so many people.

Our second youngest daughter, Ruby is only 5 but unsure whether she wants to return to school. Does she take the risk of the virus, she after-all wants to see her friends and teachers, but is also scared to because of the virus.  How odd for such a young mind will it be for the distance and strange (to them anyway) new practices, no 'Hi 5' or playing 'it' etc. Ruby's school had already got the children to count to 20 seconds whilst they washed their hands and we don't doubt the care of the school one bit. As parents we now have the 'unwinnable gamble', send our child to school and risk a virus or keep her at home and she loses such an important part of her reception term and the vital learning. Its a hard one, and whilst we would like to send her back nobody can be right or wrong, send to school or don't send to school is not something that is a right or wrong decision to take but certainly an uneasy one for ANY parent.

When we come back, and we will be back we will have the social distancing in the arcade, with extra protection for all our players. There are many trying to 'coin it in' for the protective equipment, but we are helping as many as we can by getting things ready and us all pulling together and paying the cost price for what we need. This is a time to help each other not try and pinch money and make money. 

We are very social people and our amusement arcades are social places. We will keep our distance but the atmosphere will still be electric and, YES it may be different but we can assure you the very best times lie ahead. 

We are very sad though to announce that our Summer Party dates for ALL VENUES will be cancelled. It would be inappropriate and 'half mast' if we even attempted the ones later in the calendar. This is with a very heavy heart and we are very sad about this but the safety and protection of you all is the centre of what we stand for, always. Who knows, maybe at Christmas we will be able to let our hair down, I can almost ponytail my hair at the moment! 

This waffle is a little choppy this week, and less 'fluid' than others but we just want to say that we care so much about each and every one of you and if your having a hard time right now, remember that your more special than you will ever know. One thing in life is we can never see ourselves for who we are, even though we think we can, a mirror is tells us nothing. 

Stand tall, be strong, dare to be different but always care and be there for those who need it, even if they don't tell you that they do. We are only here once and we will be remembered for the lives that we touch, even if at a 2m distance right now.

Take Care

Stay Safe,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby and Scarlett xxxx