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Welcome to Mr P's Classic Amusements!

This is where some of the greatest fruit machines from the 1990's to early 2000's are showcased.

Set on the most amazing percentages and lovingly restored these incredible games are available for all aged over 18 to play.

Located in the heart of Tonbridge High Street, overlooking the castle grounds, Chatham High Street next to Argos and Bognor Regis seafront opposite the crazy golf, Mr P's Classic Amusements is in the greatest setting.

Enjoy a taste of the classic machines of years gone by with a twist of some games from the 2000's era.

Whether you fancy playing some £10, £15, £25 Jackpots or you may fancy a whirl on some of our £100 Club Machines? Also the early and random £500 machines will be available to play.

With excellent promotions and a superb atmosphere, this is the most amazing Mr P's Classic Amusements ever. 

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