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Written On 16 th July 2018

Hello Nudgers

Well the world cup is over, and although England did the best they have done for 28 years, football didn't come home. Time to enjoy our other favorite pastimes, fruits!

So not long now and the famous Summer Party is upon us in our Tonbridge arcade! Enjoy the best party atmosphere with loads of promotions and ALL YOU CAN EAT barbecue! 

The arcades have been busy bringing back so many memories and creating new ones for the players that have not sampled our classic games. We are getting a lot of new players come through and getting fantastic feedback from them. 

This week in preparation for our first party in Tonbridge we are going to have a mini machine shuffle. Likely to depart will be Open the box, 25 Carat Diamonds and Italian Job which all have been in the arcade for a while but its good to keep our games fresh and mixed up. Naturally we will be bringing classic machines in and they will be revealed later in the week. 

We are going to bring a surprise machine in, something nobody has seen in an arcade, or anywhere to be honest for a LONG time. Your clue is: Everyone loves a wheel!

Talking of clues we best give you the third in our mini set of clues to the BIG reveal of the seaside adventure that is mentioned on the special announcement page. 

Here we go, Clue 3 16/08/18
Some people may say its out of our way
Some people will visit nearby for a stay
I see crowns but not for much longer
Its the biggest one around
so lets fill it with our 'clunking' sound
A brand new team, seems like a dream
If its fit for a King, then its has to be our thing
I am not a mire so what am I?

Moving back to the weekly waffle (lol) we hope that we have not boggled your mind too much, if we have we DO apologise. If you THINK that you have the answer then excellent, let us know on the contact us page, its all a bit of fun! 

Behind the scenes we have been working so hard, it is bonkers really what we do just to keep the fantastic fleet of machines that we have running. Its not an easy feat and keeping obsolete technology going, 20-30 years after it was manufactured is not a simple task. 

One thing that I wish to touch on, briefly, is a subject often debated by everybody; the prospect of a cashless society. Ok, so lets pretend we eliminated cash altogether, well what would we lose as people..here are some little things (including some silly ones)
More open to fraud 
No more piggy banks for kids (and adults lol)
No more coin hunts for the rare 50p's 
No more boot fairs or is everyone to start carrying card readers
Goodbye to pushers in the arcades
No more impressing the ladies at the bar when your on the pull
No more pounds on the pool table
No more 'look at me when i hit the jackpot'
No more instant recognisable currency accepted by EVERYONE

For some time the banks, especially Barclays, have been pushing HARD for a cashless society. As the years roll by and the internet has begun to kill our high streets, social ability to do anything and also our social skills to some point, we have of course resorted to buying on our cards. Uber is prepaid and no cash, and even some buses and the introduction of contact-less has seen cash be less frequently used in places like the underground, shops and even petrol pumps. So what SHOULD be the plan going forward? Is it draconian to use cash or should we be allowed to use what we wish? 

Cash is a currency INSTANTLY recognised and accepted by all people as payment. Part of the attraction of amusement machines is the fact that if you hit the jackpot or have a win, you are PAID IN CASH! The industry, however, is hell bent on making the fruit machines cashless. Well perhaps they may as well stop making the machines and just give everybody the web addresses for the numerous online casinos, as with no cash element we are offering nothing different than the casino. Someone fancies a flutter in the pub? Why bother to stand up? Just go online and play with your card online, whilst using the app to buy your drinks lol. 

It concerns me that the gaming industry wishes to seek a cashless experience, it also raises concern for the player too. In the current form, with cash, if you wish to play more then you have the time it takes you to withdraw money to consider your spends and have a time out to ensure responsible gambling. The bookmakers allow their customers to load whatever they like up onto their machines and we all know just how many problems are caused by this.

For now, lets keep gambling cash play and keep the element of winning physical cash there. What are YOUR views? Share them on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/mrpsclassic

Until next week..

Be lucky,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett x